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"To Represent The International Ostrich Industry Through Communication, Dissemination of Information and Provision of Industry Standards"

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Craig Culley, Secretary
World Ostrich Association
33 Eden Grange
Little Corby
Carlisle, UK CA4 8QW
Tel +44 1228 562 923
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The annual general meeting will be held with simultaneous broadcast using SKYPE Chat.

The software is available for free download at http://www.skype.com

You will need to provide your skype name on the voting form to enable the meeting host to include you in the chat

As Chairman, Stan Stewart will act as meeting host

You will need to approve Stan Stewart's request to invite you to add your name to his contacts

Make sure you are on line at the time of the meeting to participate

Using this system, if you are unable to participate, you will still be able to receive full details of the meeting providing you supply your skypname on the voting form and accepted Stan Stewart's invitation to add your name to his contacts

Instructions on how to use Skype Chat can be found at http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/support/user-guides/im/. However, the host will be the WOA Chairman, who will include you in the chat. All you need to do is input contributions as appropriate.


1. The WOA Chairman (or announced leader) leads the AGM discussions.

2. Once the meeting is brought to order, all conversation stops and the Chairman then begins the meeting.

3. The Chairman will follow the published meeting agenda, so follow it carefully and only respond when asked to respond.

4. There will be no cursing, or inappropriate/interruptive behaviour in the Chatroom meetings. The website moderator is present at all meetings and if the Chairman requests that an individual be removed from the meeting, the moderator can disconnect that individual from the meeting.

If you require help or have any questions please email



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