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Ostrich Meat

Ostrich Meat is a red meat that is low in fat that can be used in any traditional red meat recipe to produce great tasting dishes. Note also the proportion of that fat that is unsaturated fat when compared to other sources of protein from a meat source.

Nutrient Comparison per 100 grams (3.5oz)
  Description % Grams KCal MG MG
Ostrich Cut Comp. 26.9 3.0 142 3.2 81
Beef* Tenderloin (broiled) 28.1 10.5 209 3.0 83
Veal* Loin Chop (braised) 33.9 9.4 225 1.2 124
Pork* Loin Centre Rib Chop 29.3 15.2 256 1.1 91
Chicken Whole no skin 28.9 7.4 190 1.2 89
Turkey Whole no skin 29.36 5.0 170 1.8 76
Lamb* Loin Chop (broiled) 30.4 9.4 215 1.2 95
FAT % 1.12 17.76 4.88 1.36
Saturated FAT Grams .25 6.44 .84 .32

*Figures are cooked portions with knife-separable fat removed. Source: USDA Agricultural handbook #8 and Hill Nutrition Associates of Florida for all except Ostrich. Ostrich: Texas A&M University System meat studies 1993 (cholesterol determined in four major muscles) and 1996 (weighted average of measurements on ten major muscles).

Ostrich meat is a "red meat" similar in colour and taste to beef. However, it is lower in fat grams per serving compared to chicken and turkey, and much lower in fat and cholesterol than beef. Most all of the meat from an Ostrich comes from the leg, thigh, and back. An Ostrich has NO breast meat like the chicken and turkey.

Even though Ostrich meat tastes like beef, the Ostrich does not have fat marbling in the meat like beef. Ostriches have fat, but it collects outside the muscles and is easily removed during processing. Therefore, the cuts of meat are very lean with very low fat content. Ideal for weight watchers who love red meat!

Not all ostrich meat is the same. The quality of ostrich meat is influenced by similar factors that influence the quality of meat from all specie. View the factors influencing meat quality

Grading specifications are available as a system to identify different quality meats. This is a program developed to support buyers and producers. View Ostrich Meat Grades

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